Last year, when Alex Pearl began to visit Whitstable and consider making work for the Biennale, a friend commented to him: "Whitstable? That's where Dracula landed". The mistake was soon rectified, but when he discovered Peter Cushing lived in Whitstable, he decided to write a sort of vampire novel entitled The Pearl Fisher. Based on Bram Stoker's diary form, but without the benefit of plot or supernatural threat, his novel (in the form of a blog) soon became what the artist calls "an aimless ramble through forests of coincidence and disappointment. The narrative of the blog is the only thing loosely connecting the films presented in Whitstable. Firstly, a set of three ghostly apparitions born of obsessive watching of Hammer horror films and an interest in Victorian theatrical magic. Next a series of informal blue films made at the beach and finally a film of a male bingo caller, calling to the ladies of Whitstable's Oxford Bingo Club.