Goodbye to most of the daydreams - touring solo show

Titled from Scott's words as he began his trek back from the South Pole, this exhibition presents a body of work exploring the idea of an imaginary journey to the Antarctic. The films, sculptures and books are also tied up with the more mundane narrative of Pearl's constant journeying back and forth between Ipswich and Bedford during a three-month residency. The works were deliberately made without research and constructed almost entirely in the studio above the gallery.

Essay by Coline Milliard 

Tracing from Jonathan and Angela Scott, "Antarctica-Exploring a Fragile Eden", London, 2007.



First Ice from Alex Pearl on Vimeo.

First Ice, 09'09, 2008

Inspired by Raymond Roussel's Impressions of Africa, a novel allegedly written after viewing the coastline of Africa through a telescope. The film attempts to present an imagined journey to the Antarctic made entirely in a small studio above BCA Gallery. It reflects my interest in the relationship between scientific exploration and imagined narrative. Inevitably it is a doomed attempt at something huge. A filmic representation of the great romantic adventure, the film flits back and forth between convincing illusion and obvious fakery, which both invites and refuses viewer's suspension of disbelief.


Float, Tissue paper, blutack, cutout fan, 2009

Cyclorama Machine, motor, ironing board, drawing, 2008