An ongoing series of single screen videos and sculptures about non reversible state changes. Films include spontaneously combusting matches, eroding alka seltzer tablets and a time lapse film of a deflating balloon. Each film is presented on looped dvd for monitor or projection.
















 Little Death 24, Match, Table, magnifying glass

Little Death 2 (excerpt) from Alex Pearl on Vimeo.

In Little Death 2 a number of carved alka seltzer tablets are held under water until their inevitable end.

"In an act of bleak, persuasive magic performed with minimal resources the tablet acquires a sinister personality, continuing to glare out from the glass as its eyes dissolve and enlarge into the eye-sockets of a skull. "
[Lawrence Bradby, 2007]


Some months ago one of my films posted on You Tube was inexplicably highlighted in a Google search. Thousands of people viewed it in a matter of days. I was inundated with comments; many were angry and often included personal attacks. At first I deleted them, then I tried to answer some of them but was usually met with more anger and/or ridicule. Finally as the views approached one million I decided to package all the comments: good, bad and undecipherable into this book. They are printed in chronological order.