Pearlville, 2010 Multi-channel digital video installation New Commission & Residency.


Pearlville features a series of lo-fi and improvised films shot each day in a makeshift temporary film factory that was based at Islington Mill in Salford in early August, where camera carrying contraptions were left to their own devices to gather footage. Alex Pearl's residency, conjured the spirit of early comedy companies, such as Majestic Films and King Bee Studios, where films were created every few days, recycling sets, cast, and gags. His practice alludes to one-man virtuosity, whilst accepting chance, failure and disappointment.

His installation, strewn with furniture and monitors, can be read as distinct films or one larger film across seventeen screens. Intriguingly Pearlville recalls wider cinema references; clockwork double acts evoke Bonnie & Clyde and Laurel & Hardy; David Lynch's Eraserhead is uncannily evoked in Embankment and, curiously, The Man from Lieksa appears to cite Juhana Moisander's The Manager, also shot at Islington Mill.

(Source: Unspooling microsite)